Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It is purported that some top Democrats have proposed turning the White House into the National Neocon Federal Penitentiary and Holocaust Museum. “We will continue to see the horror that the cons have wreaked upon the nation and the world for decades to come,” said Dennis Kucinich. “This will be a potent reminder of their legacy so that we will never forget.” In addition to housing the cons for the remainder of their days, several rooms will be used as museum space and archives. For instance, the former Roosevelt Room—now the Ruse Room—will catalog all the cons’ lies alphabetically, and researchers will be able to track them via the computers’ special “Find Falsehood” search engine. “It's unfortunate that when grade school tours visit, they will no longer see the White House as the pillar of democracy for which this country’s ideals were built upon,” said Barbara Boxer. “Instead, they’ll come here to do research and point at the caged animals. Some have suggested offering petting-zoo privileges, but I think Dick Cheney is too dangerous.” Several rooms, such as the Sodomy Suite—once known as the Lincoln Bedroom—will no longer be available to the public.


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