Thursday, March 29, 2007


A prophetic President Bush proved to be prescient when he said, “If we don’t fight the terrorists in Iraq, the enemy will attack us here.” Today, his prediction came true as the Iraqi terrorist landed on American soil to proclaim jihad on our country. Arriving in an inner tube with only the clothes on his back and a weapon of mass destruction, the enemy put his foot on dry land and proclaimed to a group of fishermen, “Death to the infidels! Death to the imperialists! Death to America!" Then he sighed and said, "Phew. My arms are tired. Where’s a Starbucks? I could use a tall Americano."


Blogger Ziem said...

I remember way back when, when I was in grade school, I came home and told my dad what I learned. "Thanks to you," I smiled at him, "I don't speak German."

My dad had a calm nature, slow to anger, until that day. When he got off the phone with Dr. Macnamara, the king of the board of education, he sat me down and explained the lies told to a nation.

This is so similar. "If we don't fight them there, we'll have to fight them here." What crap! Just another way to scare the 23%ers.

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