Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Since Rupert Murdoch axed the O.J. Simpson book and Fox TV special that give a hypothetical account of his murder spree, it is said that the fuming, presumed-guilty killer is going to hypothetically axe Murdoch. Thug psychiatrist, Brentlin Roseword said, “Theoretically, Simpson made out like a bandit since he already received his paycheck, but it is a huge letdown for a narcissist of his caliber to be denied the attention he craves. For the past 11 years, he has proven to be a lazy, slacker of a murderer, resting on his laurels rather than going back out there and living up to his homicidal potential. But now, in order to stay in the limelight, he will have to hypothetically kill Murdoch as a way of saying, 'Look what I've done lately'. The media mogul should have considered the repercussions of his new ‘don’t axe, don’t tell policy’ before instituting it. But instead, he will hypothetically be pushing up daisies.”


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the headline is enough...hahahahhaha

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